Text Marketing

Text Marketing

We can send a blast or schedule one using custom designed artwork to your entire list or part of your list based on specific criteria.

We give you the ability to text to all your numbers promoting a flash sale. Flash sales are when you provide a limited number of free items for the first X number of consumers to respond or just claim their coupon, or just come in, depending on how you prefer to do that.

We offer the ability to send out unique codes with encapsulated data that will play nicely with your POS system. Please inquire further if this is of interest to you.

We have years of experience in coming up with ideas and knowing which ideas will work. We are always innovating and trying to come up with new ideas that will seem fresh to the general public and get their attention.

Foremost, we believe in customer service. It is the singular focus at our company, and it takes precedence over everything, including short-term profits. Our long term success, we believe, is a direct result of the success of our work for our customers. We never guarantee results, but we do what we say we will, and try as hard as we can to achieve results. We strive as individuals and as an organization to convey brutal unvarnished honesty to our customers and believe that most customers will appreciate this and find it refreshing. We think out of the box because that is where we exist!

  • Call to see if your business qualifies
  • A significant coupon offer is highly recommended ex. 20% of Ticket
  • Rate Discounts Apply ONLY during Corona Virus Shut Down
    • Design set up fee waived
    • Free Text blast applies to the first 1,000 or less
    • Normal Fee for Clean up and filtering of your data waived - First 1,000 numbers

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marketing strategy so they can be successful.